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Announcing a Change

Passing through the Doors of Change

Passing through the Doors of Change

Due to unexpected happenings and the addition of new responsibilities, I need to streamline my online adventures, much as I love all of them. While I plan to continue my photography, I can no longer keep up with a daily photograph posting.

Thanks to all of you who have visited The Daily Shoot, and many thanks to those of you who spent extra time writing comments. They were all greatly appreciated.

I plan to continue posting on my other blog, Seeded Earth Photography. You are more than welcome to visit me there, and I will continue to visit your photoblogs to see what you all are shooting. I enjoyed meeting you all — a great bunch of photographers.



205. Obsession

I went back to Olbrich Botanical Gardens, since I find it a seductive place to photograph. Yes, I just may be obsessed by the place. Gardens, paths, flowers, sculptures — I love it all.

The sun was low in the sky, and so the light reflected on the back parts of this flower.


From the Milkweed Plant

273. Seeds

273. Seeds

These seeds have managed to hang onto the pod throughout the winter instead of being blown about on an autumn gust of wind.

An interesting fact about milkweed seeds. During World War II, schoolchildren gathered these fluffy seeds by the sackful, and sent them to a collection center. There the fluff was stuffed into life preservers and aviator apparel. The seeds are naturally bouyant and, packed into garments, they kept many a man afloat in rough waters until help could arrive.

Hard to imagine that little bit of fluff could do such a mighty piece of work.


Two for One – Two

274. Selective Focus

59. Colored Glass

Here’s a second way of seeing the window. I gave up trying to decide if I liked one photo better than the other. They each say something different.

This is the door leading from the Visitor Center at the University of Wisconsin’s Arboretum to the woodlands and prairies beyond.