selfportraitMy grandmother gave me a Brownie camera when I was eight years old, and then she proudly showed my photographs of her flowers to her Garden Society. The feeling of joy I felt then as I captured images for others to enjoy is what still drives my passion for photography today.

My childhood fascination with my camera evolved into painting, drawing and writing as a teen and young adult. While in college, my instructors encouraged me to pursue a writing career, but I was already on track to receive my degree in physical therapy from Northwestern University. As was typical in the 1970s, art was fine as a hobby, but I was encouraged to have a practical career.

I moved to Wisconsin, raised a family, and, on impulse borrowed a Pentax K-1000 SLR to enroll in my first photography course. I then attended both Madison Area Technical College and Edgewood University, where I took art and photography classes. However, my education came to a halt at the door of the tiny, dark cubical where my class loaded film in our cameras. When claustrophobia prevented me from using the small room, my classmates helped me load the film into my camera. But in my third course, the instructor insisted that each student do their own, and my photography instruction came to a halt.

In 2007, when my husband gave me a digital SLR camera, the need for darkrooms had been partly eliminated by the digital revolution, and the door to photography once again opened to me. My world view shifted as I saw the infinite possibilities of life seen through a camera lens—possibilities to document the natural world, architecture, history.  And the opportunity to create.

“Even the smallest of details became intensely interesting. Maybe that’s why I love photography. I try to capture what I see, my own interpretation, not necessarily what someone else might see.”

I started the Seeded Earth blog in October of 2007, and was soon struck by the power of the digital world. The blog resulted in widening the scope of my knowledge and learning. Experienced photographers offered me technical tips and instruction, and I developed relationships with several talented photographers.  People began to purchase prints of my photographs, and before long I was displaying my work in nature centers in Door County, one of Wisconsin’s major tourism regions.

Though I shoot in many genres, I love photographing the natural world most. Nature grounds me. I can be myself when I am in the forest, the mountains, the desert, the prairie. There, in solitude with the natural world, and with no expectations from anyone else, I fully become myself. When I feel grounded with the earth, I feel strong connections to the world. And I am compelled to photograph and share this world with others.

After my blog exposure, I became a contributor to Wisconsin Native, writing and photographing for both the Wandering Wisconsin and Travel Green features on the online travel website. I have also published in magazines and websites throughout the Midwest.

My hobby is now my career, as I write and photograph as a freelancer as the principal of Seeded Earth Photography, LLC.

My primary camera is an Olympus E-3.

Visit my web gallery at Seeded Earth Studios LLC or my other blog, Seeded Earth.

Feel free to contact me with questions or comments at


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